Ice Path – Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Guide

Ice Path – Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Guide

The Ice Path is a freezing location with ice sheets similar to the ones you used in the last gym at Mahogany Town. Many of these sheets will require plenty of

Pokémon HeartGold Walkthrough Part 33: Dark Cave

This is the HeartGold walkthrough from the Pokémon Traveler’s Guide. In this part we explore the Dark Cave.

Important items found:
*TM54 – False Swipe

Let’s Play Pokémon Soul Silver #37 – Through The Ice Path!

Now that Team Rocket has been defeated again, Jos can resume his quest to collect all eight gym badges!

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Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough Part #39: Ice Path

In this part, we traverse the infamous Ice Path, home to many Ice type like Swinub, Delibird and Jynx.

It’s a bit puzzl-y to traverse, but nothing that some thinking can’t do for yourself. In the end, we reach Blackthron city, home to the final gym.

Anyway, sorry for the sloppy quality, had some problems due to computer configurations, but I’ve already fixed that for the next part. Thanks for watching!