Djinni – Golden Sun Guide

Djinni – Golden Sun Guide

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn ~ Djinn Guide ~ First Part

This is a speed-up guide for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn’s Djinns, made in order of encounter. Djinns that join your group in automatic don’t appear in the video. Be careful, ’cause there could be spoilers if you’re still at the beginning of the game.

Song theme is Track 10 (can’t find any title for it) from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Soundtrack. Download link:

1 ~ Venus Djinn ~ Flint – When you leave Goma Plateau, Flint will automatic join your party.
2 ~ Mars Djinn ~ Forge – Located in Psynergy Training Grounds.
3 ~ Jupiter Djinn ~ Gust – Located in Carver’s Camp.
4 ~ Mercury Djinn ~ Chill – Located in Carver’s Camp.
5 ~ Mars Djinn ~ Fever – Located in the world map, below Carver’s Camp.

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Golden Sun – Lunpa’s Djinn Tonic, Bilibin Cave Rewards – Episode 41

With Hammet still to be smuggled out of town after our buying spree we head back the way we came in and find another trader peddling his wares, sent back to Kalay we sneak back in and claim another Djinni as we check on the two Donpa’s progress.

With that done we head up to Bilibin cave to complete a puzzle found earlier and Imil to see an event missed.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Part 114, Djinn Hunt Part 2

In the middle of the Hesperia continent is the Venus Djinni Petra, found on the overworld and putting up a fight. In the Kalt Island to the north is the Mercury Djinni Gel, who doesn’t put up any fight and goes with you upon being found.

That’s all for this Djinn hunt, I’ll do another one once I get all my characters. On to Jupiter Lighthouse!